Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

The Missouri Society of CPAs provides a wide range of medical and employee benefit programs for MOCPA members and their families:

Health Insurance
MOCPA has partnered with several insurance companies to provide top-notch health insurance.  As a MOCPA member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • One of the largest networks of physicians and hospitals in Missouri
  • Preventive care
  • Prescription drug programs
  • Various deductible options
  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • Proactive health management plans
There is a high-quality option for everyone, whether you’re in a large nationwide firm with multi-site locations, a local sole proprietor, or on Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans
MOCPA is proud to offer Medicare supplement coverage to our members and their families. Several Medicare supplement plans are available. If you are currently on Medicare or are about to make the transition to Medicare, MOCPA is here to provide assistance along the way.

Dental Insurance
Delta Dental of Missouri, the state’s dental benefits leader, offers individual and group programs — providing quality, affordable coverage for MOCPA members, their families and/or employees. Through Delta Dental, MOCPA members have the freedom to visit the dentist of their choice and to select any dentist on a treatment-by-treatment basis.  Plan benefits include no waiting periods, no balance billing, an open enrollment period, and access to the largest dental network in Missouri. For more information about these dental plans, click here. To apply today, please complete this application and send it to Pete Shea at

Vision Insurance
DeltaVision offers compelling, customer-focused solutions for today’s cost-conscious environment. DeltaVision eye health benefit plans are customized to meet your unique needs for service, value, access and choice. For information regarding vision coverage, click here.  To apply today, please complete this application and send it to Pete Shea at

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For more information about any of the society’s insurance offerings or to enroll, please contact Pete Shea at (800) 264-7966 or