Ethics Exam Information

A key step in obtaining your CPA license is passing the ethics exam.

The ethics exam is an open-book, multiple-choice exam written and graded by the American Institute of CPAs. You can order the ethics exam from MOCPA either as a hard copy or an online version.

Candidates can order, take, and submit answers for the ethics exam at any time during the licensure process. Some may take the ethics exam before starting the CPA exam, between CPA exam sections, or after all four sections of the CPA exam are completed. This is completely up to the candidate. The ethics exam does not need to be completed during the 18-month rolling window of the CPA exam. Your manual will have instructions as to how you may submit your answers online.

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Exam materials are available through MOCPA for $175 (hard copy) or $155 (online version) and include a 2017-2018 auxiliary membership with the society, at the time of your purchase.