Healthcare Committee

Committee Mission

To assist MOCPA members in healthcare settings by: identifying their needs and interests, and providing relevant resources to enhance professional development; monitoring healthcare rules and regulations; and promoting open communication between members with regard to healthcare issues.

Continuing Activities

  • Increase the engagement of CPAs within the healthcare industry by recruiting member involvement from the public and private sectors, governmental agencies and benefit firms.
  • Study current accounting literature and pronouncements, and determine the impact on the healthcare sector.
  • Review, monitor and communicate the implications of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare & Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 to members.
  • Host healthcare roundtables as a forum to discuss healthcare related concerns.
  • Establish an electronic network for healthcare professionals to share healthcare related information and knowledge.
  • Provide information to members by contributing healthcare related articles to The ASSET or online newsletters.
  • Monitor CPE offered for members in the healthcare industry, and make recommendations or provide feedback to the CPE curriculum development committee.
  • Promote the Healthcare Committee to MOCPA chapters in order to stimulate member interaction at the local level.
  • Review issues delegated by the Legislation Committee, and formulate recommendations back to them for presentation to the MOCPA Board of Directors.

Committee Members

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