Not-For-Profit Committee

Committee Mission

To encourage excellence in managing not-for-profit entities, and in the performance of professional services.

Continuing Activities

  • As appropriate, recommend changes in Missouri laws, regulations and administration via liaison with the Legislation Committee.
  • Monitor proposed accounting and auditing changes affecting not-for-profit business entities. Respond to exposure drafts about not-for-profits and advise the membership of significant exposure drafts through ASSET announcements.
  • Appoint a subcommittee to communicate well with MOCPA membership by preparing news items and technical articles on not-for-profit topics for The ASSET.
  • Assign a committee member to serve as liaison to other committees as needed.
  • Recommend members to serve on the Consultation Service to respond to inquiries regarding not-for-profit issues.
  • Present the annual Not-For-Profit Conference each fall to focus attention on recent developments in not-for-profit accounting and auditing issues, tax issues, and other relevant issues facing not-for-profits. Appoint a subcommittee to plan and coordinate the conference.
  • Maintain and update the Not-For-Profit Resource Guide.

Committee Members

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