Technical Issues Group


The Accounting & Auditing Technical Issues Group (TIG) works to selectively respond to publicly issued exposure drafts of proposed accounting and auditing standards, rules and regulations issued by FASB, GASB, FASAB, SEC, AICPA (including those pertaining to ethics), OMB, GAO, PCAOB, IASB, COSO (as it applies to internal controls) and any other accounting and auditing standard setting bodies that have an impact on the practice of accountancy in Missouri.

The TIG is responsible for all phases of the response process including identifying exposure drafts to be responded to, assigning responsibility to draft comment letters, monitoring the progress of projects, establishing standards of quality and clearance and assuring that those standards are met. It is also responsible for disseminating to members information about new standards and issues regarding compliance with existing standards. It is not the charge of this committee to have its members be available for interpretation, implementation, and application of standards.

Chairperson: Mark Winiarski, CPA

Help Impact Proposed Standards!

The TIG welcomes additional volunteers to aid in its mission of responding to accounting and auditing exposure drafts. The more participants in the group, the greater ability the TIG has in impacting proposed standards. The group meets via conference call so there is no lost time out of the office. To be a part of this important process, please contact Dena Hull at (800) 264-7966 or