Scholarship Campaign Contributors

Thanks to the generosity of MOCPA members, 30 accounting students were awarded $27,500 in scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year. But more importantly, you are helping them to realize their aspirations of working in this rewarding profession. Your contributions are much appreciated!

*The below donor list recognizes contributions from November 2018 through October 2019.

Anders CPAs + Advisors
BKD CPAs & Advisors


MarksNelson CPA
Richard Mills III, CPA


Grant Thornton LLP
Schmersahl Treloar & Co., PC
The Whitlock Company, LLP


Donald Danner, CPA
Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. LLP
Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP
Mueller Prost LC
RubinBrown LLP
SFW Partners LLC
Troutt, Beeman & Co., P.C.


Airport Terminal Services
Becker & Rosen, CPAs, LLC (In recognition of Jon Becker, CPA)
Blitz, Bardge & Deutsch, L.C.
Carolyn Birmingham, CPA, LLC
Columbia Public Schools
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Conrad & Higgins LLC
Corridor InfraTrust Management
Delmar Gardens Enterprises
Equipment Dealer Consulting
Gary L. Krauss, CPA
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Liechti, Franken & Young LLC
Lockridge & Constant LLC
Missouri Development Finance Board
Plastic Enterprises Co.

SUMMA CUM LAUDE ($1,000 or above) 

Markus Ahrens, CPA, CGMA
Keith Cooper, CPA
Ven Houts, CPA
George Krull Jr, CPA
Gary Lipscomb, CPA
Scott McRuer, CPA

MAGNA CUM LAUDE ($500 - $999)

Donald Danner, CPA
Diann Gross, CPA
Molly Johnson, CPA
David Kiefer, CPA
Analee and Tom Lanio, CPA (In memoriam of Thomas Shepperd)
Patricia Reuter, CPA
Rickard Tarzwell, CPA
Janalee Tromans, CPA
Catherine Turner, CPA
Julie Welch, CPA

CUM LAUDE ($100 - $499)

Ivan Beeman, CPA
Beth Boyd, CPA
Ryan Bricker, CPA
Roberta Broeker, CPA
Travis Buchan, CPA
John Butler, CPA
Paul Chapman, CPA
Teresa Clauss, CPA
C. Michael Dambach, CPA
Ron Darrah, CPA
Sondra DePriest, CPA
Kyle Eudy, CPA
Christopher Fava Sr, CPA
John Gamble, CPA
Tom Hilton, CPA
Gregory Hodits, CPA
Gilbert Jones Jr., CPA
Debra Kerby, CPA, PhD
Lisa Klempert, CPA
Michelle Kohler, CPA
Trina LeRiche, JD
John Lindbloom, CPA
Laurie Love, CPA
Bryan Lundstrom, CPA
Joseph Meek, CPA
Elisabeth Merenda, CPA
Mark Mersmann, CPA
Cassandra Meschke, CPA
Kathleen Meyer, CPA
Cecil Miller, CPA
Stephen Moehrle, CPA, PhD
Jerry Mogg, CPA
Jenelle Moore
Andrea Moravec, CPA
W. David Myers, CPA
Nathan Newton, CPA, PhD
James O’Hallaron, CAE
Susan O’Leary, CPA
Charles Pierce, CPA
Todd Pleimann, CPA
Mark Radetic, CPA
Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle, CPA, PhD
Charles Robb, CPA
Rita Schwager, CPA
Patricia Soltys, CPA
Michael Sommer, CPA
Denis St. John, CPA
Julie Treloar, CPA
Evan Tripp, CPA
Raymond Uetrecht, CPA
LeRoy Vogel, CPA
Steven York, CPA

DEAN’S LIST ($50-$99)
Charles Bratkowski, CPA
Joe Dwigans, CPA
Joseph Higgins, CPA
Pamela Gautreaux, CPA
Lisa Gioia, CPA
Norman Glaus, CPA
Walter Goerss, CPA
Brooke Grechus, CPA
Donald Hagan, CPA
David Hartley, CPA
Robert Humble, CPA
Pamela Ives Hill, CPA
Scott Lanning, CPA
Bryan Lundstrom, CPA
Geanie Margavio, CPA
John McCartney, CPA
Joseph Meek, CPA
Richard Menz, CPA
Elisabeth Merenda, CPA
Linda Rehkemper, CPA
Robert Robison, CPA
Arthur Seltzer, CPA
Thomas Sims, CPA
Christopher Slinkard, CPA
Janet Taylor, CPA
Mark Yarbro, CPA

HONOR ROLL ($25 - $49)
Tom Franz, CPA
Chris Garrett, CPA
Keith Harrison, CPA, PhD
Carrie Hoelscher, CPA
Harry Lockridge, CPA
Robin Marcotte, CPA
Danny Marsh, CPA
Thomas Opich, CPA
Kevin Prior, CPA
Catherine Strauss, CPA
Bree Urech-Boyle, CPA
Michael Wilson, CPA