CFO Series: Managing Risk


8.0 Credits

Executive Education designed this new CFO Series for experienced CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs. You will experience high quality presentations, interactive executive level colleague-to-colleague discussions and no content overlap, the approach that CFOs have come to expect from Executive Education, Inc.

Each topic and each day stands on its own. If you are not sure about making a three-day commitment, sign up for just a single day. We think you will come back for more!

Major Topics

The 4 Topics Discussed

Risk Analysis and Management: What Every Financial Manager Must Know
In this turbulent world, risk management responsibility has fallen squarely on financial management’s shoulders. Audit committees and external auditors are asking questions they never asked before. We must prepare to give them answers! Come get insights about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and what standards such as the COSO ERM model say every organization must do.

Systemic Risk: Six Mega Trends 
In an inter-connected, multi-polar world, potential events in one area may have global impact. This session discusses six mega-trends and how they create both hazards and opportunities for organizations.  

The Rittenhouse Rankings: Cut Through Financial Reporting’s FOG
Is that financial report you are reading honest and candid, or are the real facts hidden among carefully chosen “weasel words”? Learn about how the Rittenhouse model measures the integrity of management’s disclosures about financial results. Prevent misleading disclosures from fooling you.

Protecting Your Company from Fraud
Fraud affects almost every company eventually. Insiders perpetrate most fraud, often continuing for years without detection. Most organizations change their systems after detecting a fraud. Why not consider changes now that could prevent a considerable loss? This session will provide insights which could save your organization a lot of money!

Designed For

This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. The discussions will be most appropriate for people in medium-sized organizations.


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The CFO Series provides extensive case study analysis and many opportunities for group discussion.

NOTE: THIS IS A PAPERLESS CLASS. Electronic materials for this class will be available for download approximately 1 week before the class by logging into your account on our website.