Accounting & Auditing Current Developments (A & A with Dr. Ray) WEBCAST


8.0 Credits

This is a webcast of one of our most popular programs! In a lively, fast-paced setting, you will receive an overview of new developments in the area of accounting and auditing. Coverage will be updated to reflect the most recently issued official pronouncements. This course will highlight issues faced by private companies and the CPAs who provide a range of services to them.

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  • Get a fast-paced, broad-based overview of the profession today and the major issues and challenges the profession faces
  • Discuss the impact of financial deregulation on financial reporting and controls
  • Prepare yourself to implement the revenue recognition and lease standards
  • Obtain a progress report on standards affecting leases, not-for-profits and financial instruments
  • Understand how data analytics will transform the accounting profession
  • Receive an update on developments in preparation, compilation and review engagements
  • Become aware of recent FASB standards and how they affect your company or clients
  • Get an update on current and proposed standards involving EITF, FASB, PCAOB, ASB and IASB.

Major Topics

  • Economics, business and reporting risk in today's economy
  • How deregulation is reshaping compliance & reporting
  • Implementing the revenue standard
  • Financial reporting consequences of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Recent accounting standards, loan covenants not-for-profits cash flow, and financial instruments
  • Can cash and tax basis reporting solve the revenue recognition and lease reporting challenges?
  • Recent FASB pronouncements
  • SSARS Update: Preparation, compilation and review update
  • Recent ASB standards, going concern, the audit report

Designed For

Accountants in public practice and industry who need a comprehensive review of recent accounting and auditing pronouncements and other developments which will affect them in the coming year.



Advanced Preparation

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NOTES:  THIS IS A PAPERLESS WEBCAST.  Electronic materials will be available for download approximately 1 week before the class by logging into your account on our website.

THIS IS A WEBCAST of "Accounting & Auditing Current Developments" (A & A with Dr. Ray).  You will receive an e-mail with log-in information prior to the event.  For questions, please call (314) 997-7966.

During the video presentation: 
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• Once the broadcast is completed (not at the end of each seminar), please fill out the form below with all the keywords you see during the broadcast. It is best to write down your keywords on paper during the broadcast so that you don't lose them.

• If the video freezes, goes blank or you lose audio, refresh/reload the page. This typically reconnects you to the video.

• If you refresh the page and you are seeing video from earlier in the conference, place your mouse over the video to see the playback controller. Slide it all the way to the right to see live content again.

• If you get choppy video or frequent buffering notices, your connection speed is likely too slow or something on your network is using most of your available bandwidth.