CFO Series: Strategy and Critical Thinking Skills


8.0 Credits

Executive Education’s CFO Series provides a convenient, one-stop way for CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to choose an entire year’s worth of CPE with a single decision. The CFO Series consists of a year’s worth of CPE including 20, two-hour topics presented by 5 different speakers spread over five months. Arrange all 40 credits you need by signing up for just one series. Each day consists of a different expert, leading discussions about four different topics. The CFO Series features high-quality presentations and the interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach CFOs have come to expect from Executive Education, Inc.

Each topic and each day stands on its own. If you are not sure about making a five-day commitment, sign up for just a single day. We think you will come back for more!

Major Topics

The 4 Topics Discussed

Accounting Fast and Slow: Thinking About Analysis
(2 Economics Credits)

Do we really understand why we, and our companies, make the decisions we do?  We may believe that we make decisions only after acquiring all the facts, carefully considering all the alternatives and logically choosing the best option.  However, Nobel prize-winner in Economics Daniel Kahneman and his long-time collaborator Amos Tversky have proven in numerous experiments and studies that we make most decisions by intuition and not analysis.  We will examine Kahneman and Tversky’s groundbreaking work and its implications on us, our companies and the accounting profession.

Participants will learn:
1. The human minds two systems
2. Cognitive traps that cause us to make bad decisions

Avoid Failure: Succeed Through Experimentation
(2 Business Management Credits)

Business literature often tells the stories of epic blunders, people who have attempted great achievements, yet failed spectacularly in the attempt.  Study after study has shown that great successes rarely occur as the result of a giant leap, but rather from disciplined experimentation that builds on a foundation of learning and discovery.  This session will help put you on a path of continuous achievement by teaching you how to experiment and create enduring progress.  

Participants will learn:
1. The link between experimentation and success
2. How to thrive after setbacks

Aligning Budgets to Strategy: The Key to Profitability
(2 Accounting Credits)
In most organizations, strategic planning and budgeting are separate processes, making them out of alignment from their inception.  This webinar explores a practical “real world” planning approach that aligns spending to long-term strategy, creates a culture of accountability and responsibility, and might actually be fun when everyone gets on board.  The result will create a model for your organization’s future growth and profitability.

Participants will learn:
1. A practical planning process
2. How to tie your strategy to your organization’s budgets and scorecard

The Finance Team of Tomorrow
(2 Business Management Credits)

Best financial management practices have changed considerably in the last twenty years and are likely to continue to change for years to come.  New tools continually make us more efficient.  If we ignore our professions advances, we will eventually become as obsolete as a ten key calculator.  This session will discuss current best practices that you may not have implemented and other techniques that are likely to become best practices of the future.  

Participants will learn:
1. Best practices that most organizations have yet to implement
2. Future changes that are likely to occur

Designed For

This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers.  The discussions will be most appropriate for people in medium-sized organizations.


Management experience helpful

Advanced Preparation

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The CFO Series provides extensive case study analysis and many opportunities for group discussion.

NOTE: THIS IS A PAPERLESS CLASS. Electronic materials for this class will be available for download approximately 1 week before the class by logging into your account on our website.