Not-for-Profit Conference Webcast


8.0 Credits

This is a webcast of the 2019 MOCPA Not-For-Profit Conference.

Whether you have not-for-profit clients or work within an organization, you will find practical advice, insights and technical guidance at the MOCPA's NFP Conference.  Invite a colleague or client to view the webcast to learn current developments, trends, best practices and more.

If attending via webcast isn't feasible for you, participate in the live event by clicking here


MOCPA's NFP Conference deals with the challenges facing nonprofit practitioners and financial executives today.

Major Topics

Implications of the New Tax Law on Philanthropy
Weeding Through Missouri's New Medical Marijuana Laws: An Attorney's Perspective
Timely Tax Topics
NFP Compilation and Review Engagements
FASB Update
Navigating Your Nonprofit Board

Designed For

CPAs, nonprofit leaders, finance staff and CPAs working for a nonprofit organization or serving nonprofit clients.
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This is a webcast of the 2019 Not-for-Profit Conference.  The event is paperless and electronic materials for this class will be available for download approximately 3 days before the class by logging into your account on our website

For questions, please call 314-997-7966.  During the video presentation - keywords will appear approximately every 15 minutes during the presentation on the bottom of the video.  There is NO audio prompt.  You will need to keep track of the keywords.

-Once the broadcast is completed (not at the end of each session ) please fill out the form that you will be provided with all the keywords you see during the broadcast.  It is best to write down your keywords on paper during the broadcast so you don't lose them.

-If the video freezes, goes blank or you lose audio, refresh/reload the page.  This typically reconnects you to the video.

-If you refresh the page and you are seeing video from earlier in the conference, place your mouse over the video to see the playback controller.  Slide it all the way to the right to see live content again.

-If you get choppy video or frequent buffering notices, your connection speed is likely too slow or something on your network is using most of your available bandwidth.

-This event is paperless.