Spotlight On the Profession: Profession Issues Update


2.0 Credits

Join MOCPA for a brand new 2020 Spotlight on the Profession: Issues Update Tour across Missouri!

We are in the middle of a wave of social and digital transformation and disruption, and critical developments have been leading up to a sea-change in how CPAs are operating at firms, businesses, government, and education. Technology is shaping the future of our profession, and CPAs everywhere are looking at new competencies, upskilling, and moving up the value chain to adapt. MOCPA is here to help all CPAs in Missouri understand and leverage these changes for success. Learn about top issues impacting the profession; latest profession trends; AICPA developments; what we are seeing right here in Missouri in 2020; and what you can expect in 2021 and beyond.

Topics include:
• Audit of the future;
• Automating tax, accounting, and consulting services;
• Changing roles of CPAs in C-suite and FP&A careers;
• CPA exam changes;
• CPA talent pipelines;
• Governmental advocacy issues; 
• AICPA and MOCPA profession initiatives; and
• A host of other timely topics.

Join us for this fast-paced, high-impact look at local and national issues, challenges, and opportunities for CPAs today. You will receive 2 hours of CPE for attending this program, and at $35 member price ($50 nonmember). This program is brought to you by your local MOCPA Chapter leadership.

SPECIAL COVID-19 ATTENDANCE NOTE: This program will be held virtually, and MOCPA continues to monitor social guidelines for the safety of all members and participants. In the event that a live offering will be available before this scheduled event, MOCPA will notify all participants of this option.

For questions about this program, please contact Andrew Grow at

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