Transformational Technology Conference - A Virtual Event


8.0 Credits


MOCPA takes the health and safety of members seriously. Given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, MOCPA is offering this conference as a virtual event. As such, the agenda is evolving, and updates will be posted here as they are confirmed.  

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility, and we look forward to bringing you the education you have come to depend on. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Denise Johnson at

You know where technology has been, but where is it headed? What technologies are coming that would be useful to you and to your company?  This one day conference will provide the opportunity to gain insights relating to topics such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, future of data and analytics, cybersecurity and privacy issues, emerging technologies and more. Join technology and industry experts along with your colleagues to learn how changing technologies can improve your business and your everyday life.

Major Topics

• Preparing for Technology’s Next Normal
• Future of Data and Analytics
• The Simple Complexity of Automation and RPA
• AI: Strategy & Applications in Account Auditing and Financial Management
• Blockchain & Cryptoassets - Fast Moving Trends That Practitioners Need to Know
• The Urgency of Cybersecurity

Designed For

Anyone who wants to become familiar with this rapidly evolving technology.


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Find Out Where Technology Is Headed

Agenda Includes

   Samantha Mansfield - Keynote Speaker

Technology adoption has been accelerated by 5 years due to the events of 2020. For years we have been discussing emerging technologies that will disrupt our current business models, and there have been a myriad of reasons we had not moved forward on them. Necessity has knocked down those barriers. Now is the time to embrace future ready skillsets and strategies to keep our organizations healthy, physically and financially, while anticipating what is yet to come.

 Rafael Casas - Presenter

This session is for accountants to understand the basic foundations of Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and the immense value that this technology brings not only within innovation but for business continuity purposes in times of an economic downturn.

  Dr. Sean Stein Smith - Presenter

This session will touch on some of the emerging trends and impacts of blockchain technology and cryptoassets that every single practitioner needs to be aware of going forward. Public practice, private industry, governmental agencies, or non-profit organizations will all feel the impact of the emerging trends connected to these trends; practitioners need to be prepared. Specifically this session will touch on the 1) rise of permissioned blockchains across different economic sectors, 2) central bank digital currencies and other different types of cryptoassets that are looking to replace bitcoin, and 3) the cybersecurity and internal control implications of increasing blockchain integration.

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