Young Professionals Etiquette Experience

What is etiquette and how does etiquette play in the accounting profession? The word “etiquette” feels squishy, or perhaps antiquated. The truth of the matter is that etiquette is the intersection of 1) social guidelines with 2) social interactions. Etiquette will always exist, and it simply evolves as society changes. MOCPA understands that in a rules-based, technical profession, it is sometimes challenging to shift gears to different social settings. Of course, most of us work with colleagues and for our businesses, and many CPAs work directly and regularly with clients. Part of strong teamwork and client service involves ensuring that the social interactions we regularly have are comfortable, professional, and generally reflect current social dynamics.

The good news is that the MOCPA Young Professionals Committee has designed a program to ensure that you bring the latest professional etiquette tools and techniques to your next team or client meeting: the MOCPA Young Professionals Etiquette Experience. This unique program simulates common professional settings such as the workplace environment, client dinner, and networking events so you can feel comfortable putting your best self forward with team members, clients, and potential clients!

The St. Louis location is being hosted in conjunction with the NextGen group of the Financial Planning Association of Greater St. Louis.

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