Legislator's Tax Guide

The Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants (MOCPA) is pleased to provide the 2017 Legislator’s Tax Guide, prepared specifically for members of the Missouri General Assembly.

The online version of the 2017 Legislator’s Tax Guide is easy to use — simply click on a section in the Table of Contents and you will be automatically linked to that section. Below you can also access sample tax forms (Schedule A and Form 2106) to show how “Pat Legislator” (see page 30) should claim the proper deductions.

This guide is designed to answer questions about federal and state income tax laws related to your position as a member of the Missouri General Assembly. However, this guide does not cover personal tax matters that are unrelated to your legislative position.

If you have any questions, please contact Dena Hull at (800) 264-7966 or dhull@mocpa.org.

MOCPA thanks The Whitlock Company, LLP for its help with the 2017 Legislator’s Tax Guide.