Committees List

Accounting and Auditing
Furthers the development and recognition of accounting and auditing standards, stimulates members’ understanding and compliance, and provides a forum for technical discussions and questions.

Audits of School Districts
Furthers the development and proper application of governmental accounting and auditing standards for Missouri school districts, as well as promotes the value of CPA services to State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and local school district officials.

Business and Industry
Provides a platform for members in private industry, who are often the only CPA in their department or company, to explore topics including managing and supporting internal finance, control, strategy, and other important roles.

Firm Leadership
Furthers the interests of MOCPA members practicing in firms by creating a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of practices among this membership segment.    

Governmental Accounting
Furthers the development and proper application of accounting and auditing standards for state and local governments, including school districts, and brings to the attention of the responsible officials of state government, cities, school districts, and other political subdivisions, the value of services which can be rendered to them in the public interest by CPAs.

Information Management and Technology Assurance
Discusses and provides technological resources and strategies that help CPAs better serve their clients and organizations.

Encourages collaboration and conversations lending to excellence in managing not-for-profit entities and in the performance of professional services.

Professional Ethics
Promotes, publicizes, and enforces MOCPA’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Facilitates conversations among members working on federal, state, and local taxation; maintains liaison with the Internal Revenue Service, the Missouri Department of Revenue, and city and county tax officials; makes recommendations for improving tax processes and structures; cooperates and exchanges ideas with other organizations; and aids in developing a stronger public understanding of the CPAs’ competence in taxation.

Technical Issues Group (A&A)
Works to selectively respond to publicly issued exposure drafts of proposed accounting and auditing standards, rules and regulations issued by FASB, GASB, FASAB, SEC, AICPA, OMB, GAO, PCAOB, IASB, COSO and any other accounting and auditing standard setting bodies that have an impact on the practice of accountancy in Missouri.

Wealth Management
Promotes and enhances learning, generates thought leadership, and provides engagement activities for CPAs in the wealth management sector, and also guides and supports CPAs who are interested in wealth management careers.

Young Professionals
Provides state‐wide community for new and aspiring CPAs to introduce society activities, benefits, and opportunities; encourages future CPAs to enter the profession and new CPAs to be actively involved; advises MOCPA staff on specific professional learning and growth opportunities for young professionals; and facilitates sharing perspective and insights of young professionals amongst society membership and leadership.

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