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Save the date for these popular learning opportunities, and find out why these remain among the society’s most attended and longest running events!

MOCPA Roundtables

Gather virtually with fellow CPAs in your niche to assess critical challenges and exchange ideas in a discussion-based forum. Leave with enhanced knowledge and an enriched network. The conversation starts with you!

Professional Development for Busy Women: The CliffsNotes! 9.0

There is a plethora of professional development literature out there, but who has time to read it all? At this virtual session on July 22, speakers will deliver key points from books that they found to be helpful and educational. Glean tips to help further your own career!

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Finance Leaders Do More than Cut Costs to Battle Elevated Input Prices

When input costs hit record highs and impact profitability, a common reaction is to cut costs or pass on costs to customers. However, there are other options to consider, says FM Magazine, such as renegotiating terms with suppliers, diversifying sourcing, focusing on adding value to products, and expanding their markets to weather this high-inflation environment.

IRS Revises Tax Guidance on Third Round of Economic Impact Payments

The updated frequently asked questions address general topics, eligibility and calculation of the third payment, plus-up payments, EIP cards, requesting and receiving payments, benefit recipients, reconciling payments on the tax return, and what to do if the issued payment is missing or not received.

Federal Tax Video Series

Get an update on current federal tax developments as of June 27 from Ed Zollars, CPA, and Kaplan Financial Education.

Learn about MOCPA Insurance Benefits

Take advantage of high quality insurance offerings and employee benefit plans, many of which can be tailored to meet your needs. MOCPA provides a wide range of plan options for members and their families.

Get Active on a MOCPA Chapter

Each chapter hosts unique events to foster member connection, with many events being held online. Join a chapter task force to collaborate with your peers and help determine future activities and programs.

Utilize the MOCPA Tax Listserve

If you are handling complex tax issues for your clients or your company, and would like the advice of other CPAs, join MOCPA’s Taxation Listserve! Pose your questions and respond to the questions of others directly from your email inbox through this popular member forum.