CPA Practice Mobility

Practice mobility for CPAs is the ability of a licensee to gain a practice privilege outside of their principal place of business without additional licensing or fees , and for CPA firms, the ability to reduce the occurrences of obtaining a firm registration or license. Removing notification is being coupled with automatic jurisdiction of state boards of accountancy.

Since 2007, the CPA practice mobility initiative has swept through the country and the enactment of legislation will now allow CPAs and CPA firms to more readily serve their clients across state jurisdictions. These measures have had overwhelming bipartisan support in legislatures across the country and have been backed by Governors and Attorneys General in these states. 

A majority of states have passed CPA practice mobility legislation. The success of this unprecedented national initiative is a direct result of the collaborative work of the state CPA societies, AICPA, NASBA, state boards of accountancy and The Accountants Coalition (TAC).

For information about mobility implementation in other states, the AICPA created to assist CPAs in navigating mobility laws across the country. 

For questions about Missouri's mobility efforts, please contact Jim O'Hallaron at or the Missouri State Board of Accountancy at (573) 751-0012.